Tuesday, June 26, 2007

of rags and tags

Pictures of the before and after on the sweater coming soon.

I finished my first ever dish rag yesterday and it is now proudly draped on the kitchen faucet. It went a little slower than I thought it would. The cotton wasn't as hard on my hands as I feared though so that's a good thing. I did straight garter stitch and used Sugar and Cream in two colors (Cornflower blue [83] and Buttercream [222]) doing two rows each all the way through. It was really pretty! I should have gotten a picture of that as well.

Eh. I need to get used to doing the picture thing.


LaVerna said...

Yeah!Good for you.Dishrags are such humble things but they are so fun to knit.
I swiped your blog info from the Dishrag Tag forum.I think it will be loads of fun.
It is also so cool that you have in laws that live near me.Most people have heard of Amarillo but have no clue where in Texas it is.
Looking forward to getting to know you better.And if you ever get back this way,give me a holler.We can get some iced tea and knit!

LaVerna said...

Oh I forgot!You can email me goldenpetals at suddenlink dot net