Thursday, June 18, 2009

for the fabric lovers out there

one of the sites i love to keep up with, Sheree's Alchemy, is having a give away! she is one of those really special, fortunate people who is able to do what she loves and get paid for it.

she does the most amazing children's clothes and uses the most gorgeous fabric i think i have ever seen. this is the fabric she is giving away! you really need to check it out!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


we recently said our final good-bye's to my mother-in-law. she had lived a good long life and went peacefully in her sleep, sharp as a tack until the end. the funeral was this past saturday and it was lovely seeing family we haven't seen in a while. my brother-in-law did the eulogy and my sister-in-law did the prayer, which was also a eulogy of sorts. one of the things she mentioned was her mother's dignity. her mother was, indeed, a very dignified person. keep this in mind.

flashback to 1979.

i had been seeing a lovely young man for a bit when i came by to pick him up, at his house, for a date. he came out and told me he wanted me to meet his mother.

okey doke.

we went in and he introduced me to his mother who was in her houserobe, house slippers and, more than likely, curlers in her hair. remember, she was a very dignified person. instead of being embarrassed, horrified or rushing off into the other room to change, she very graciously said hello to me. she was not only dignified and gracious but also just a wee bit devilish.

she then asked me "would you care to tango?" and we then did a quick tango in the kitchen.

that was it. i was smitten. she later tried to scare me off by telling me my intended wanted a LOT of kids, but it was too late. she had already won me over.

going on 30 years later i am so glad she did.