Monday, November 19, 2007

you teach them to think for themselves and this is the thanks you get

conversation with my daughter.

me: i know you're of a generation that thinks you're all savvy about the internet, but you need to be really careful about putting personal information out there.

daughter: (sigh) i know. no phone numbers, address, full name, anything about me, pictures

me: 'cause once it's out there...

daughter:'s always out there. i know this. i've had it drilled into me at school, from you. so, i have a question...

me: yes?

daughter: how is that any different from you giving out your information to perfect strangers in these swaps you do?


daughter: i mean, you send our address to people you don't know. you're just assuming they are who they say they are

me: (sputter) but ... but that's different! it's all very controlled!

daughter: like you've always told me; people can be anyone they want to be online. just because they say they are who they are doesn't mean they are who they say they are.

me: (sputter some more) but ... but ...


me: well. if you're going to use logic!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

ah, there's good news tonite!

my mother is home. everything turned out well. now that she's home she can get some rest!

Friday, November 16, 2007

'N' the other update

i just talked to my mother. i needed to hear her voice and her voice i heard.

she will be fine and, now, so will i.

oh how i love my mother. she is the bestest mother in the whole wide world.

this 'N' that 'N' the other

i've been tagged as part of a recipe exchange by the lovely KRCH. this is an email-tag thingy wherein you exchange recipes. there are two names on the list and you send yours to the first name, remove it and add your name to the bottom and send it out to others! i think it'll be fun and if you would like me to add your name to my list let me know.

my fiber pusher friend, corbie girl, is getting me started on the harder stuff. well, at least she's trying to by making it affordable for me to buy a spinning wheel. see, she got a steal of a deal on a wheel (ha!) and is offering to sell me her old one at a more than reasonable price. the only question is, will i have room for it in my rather small fiber room which is also my sewing room as well as my quilting room.

=the other=
my mother fell and hit her head and is now in the hospital. supposedly she's fine. i hope to be able to speak to her. i'm in maryland and she's in texas so I CAN'T BE THERE.

i'm scared.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

see, this is what happens

once i got my invite to ravelry i just started ignoring my blog. poor negleted blog.

it's like being in high school all over again. you know, when you had the friend and you were both basically nobodies in the social structure but then the friend ended up getting into the cool kids clique and then started blowing you off and then just totally ended up ditching you 'cause, you know, they were with the cool kids and you weren't? yeah.

neener neener neener.

i'm posting about all my knitting project stuff on ravelry and if you don't have a login yet, well, too bad.

i'm with the cool kids now.


it wasn't supposed to be like this but i only have so much time, y'know? time that i spend doing the important stuff ... like knitting. i swear, everything comes down to the fiber addiction now. i think about spending money on something unnecessary then think "how much yarn would that buy". i find spare time by not doing housework 'cause i need the knitting time!

so, i pledge to try and get some content back on the blog (you know, for the gobs of readers i have) because i just know you're out there, waiting with bated breath to see what the goosefairy is up to! well, maybe not so much with the bated breath. snort.

i do have some FOs, still have the WIPs and now, thanks to ravelry and the evil anne, new projects; some if which have actually become WIPs and some are just wannabe WIPs.

i need to take a moment here.

i just went to the evil anne's site to get her http addy and

*breathe breathe breathe*

she has a new one pinned up. trust me, don't go there unless you want a new addiction of your own.

(shakes it off)

ok. where was i? oh yeah. projects. i will be doing some picture posts soon of the afore said before too much longer. oh! and there's the etsy shop i finally got up! check it out!