Thursday, June 7, 2007

now this is cool

My daughter has a friend she has known since grade school. This friend is unusual in that she will come over to our house and actually sit down with me and my husband and have a conversation with us. She's a really sweet young lady. She thinks of us as her 'other' mom and dad and that's so cute.

Well, she dropped by yesterday evening and we had the most delightful conversation with her. I'm sitting there trying to master my first ever toe up sock (and let me tell you; that sock is making me feel toe up!) and she mentioned that she has taken up knitting! She has become as addicted to it as I have. Well, we started talking about knitting and I told her I was going to give her one of my catalogs of a great knitting site for getting yarn cheap. As soon as I got up to find the catalog she said 'Knitpicks?' Yay! Then she could talk needles with me and the pros and cons of metal vs bamboo. It was just so nice. Nice, firstly because she's always been so delightful to talk to and, secondly, because I now have a new person to talk knitting with!

Another cool thing; she is going to Howard University and I work in DC so we'll be able to get together sometimes during the week when she has some 'off' time.

Yay for cool!


Kat said...

Welcome to blogland! I shall be stopping back to visit!

Angela said...

I feel so narcissistic commenting on an entry about myself, but I can't express how flattered I am to be mentioned here. It is just as much fun for me to finally have someone to talk to about knitting.
Afterall, you were my inspiration to put away my video games and DVDs and try something a little more creatively stimulating. Every time I saw something or thought about knitting I remember you saying, "I knit these socks for Marianna, and now I'm working on a Ravenclaw scarf for myself." It haunted me for the longest... I was just dying to try it after a while. :D

I can't wait to read more from your blog--it's already an instant hit with me!