Tuesday, July 3, 2007

new swap!

I am a newby spinner. There is a wonderful resource called "Spindle and Wheel" with interesting information and informative tutorials. I would recommend this website to anyone who is interested in fiber, even if you don't spin. Who knows, after looking at some of the stuff there, you might get interested. The wonderful thing is, they make it easy to start out in a very inexpensive manner. You can give it a whirl (ha!) and see if you like it before investing too much.

Anyhoo, they have a fiber swap going on. I missed it for some reason but got in before signups are over. You still have a chance since they're taking names until July 20th. You don't have to do a fiber swap as there is also a handspun yarn swap and a goodie swap to choose from.

Do it! Makes mail time fun time!

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