Friday, July 13, 2007

fur baby friday

Behold the hulk.

I know he's not green and, all in all, he's always happy, and his name is really Andre but... just look at him! And do you see that bald tummy?

One day, when we were still in Texas, we were living quite happily with a cat, Jenger, and a dog, Rene. We, being good parents, decided they needed some toys. Packing up the kiddo we made a trek down to the local PetsMart. Wouldn't you know it; it was one of those "adopt a pet" weekends.

Of course, the kiddo made a bee-line for the cats and kittens. We found a gorgeous black cat that was just a love. Got to talking to the people there; this cat wasn't so good with dogs. Well, that wouldn't work out for us since we had a dog. Oh well, kiddo. Guess it just wasn't meant to be.



I saw this cat. This pretty cat. This handsome cat. This cat that was sitting in his little cage just purring away with the happiest, most satisfied face I think I have ever seen. I went over to this cat. I started petting this cat. I held this cat. I ... well, I guess you see where this is going.

They warned us "He likes to bite when he's really happy". They were right. One of his many nicknames is "bitey cat". I've learned to present him with a knuckle; that way he can't work it to the back of his teeth and really chomp down.

I don't believe Jenger has ever really forgiven us for changing her status as "only cat" and Rene just takes things as they come. The rest of us are eternally grateful, however, for my new "executive decision". Yes. It was me. My husband just sighed and went along with it. Of course, Andre is a real daddy's boy. Wouldn't you just know it?

Oh, about that bald tummy. We just assumed he had some surgery where they had to shave him and it would grow back. Nope. He licks himself bald.

And, that's my boy.


Courtney said...

I had a cat that use to lick his hair off his tummy. It turned out he had allergies and that is what made him do it. (:

goosefairy said...

Yeah. We had him all checked out at the vet's and he's fine. Just a little weird. He's never licked himself to the point where his skin is irritated either. Go figure.