Wednesday, October 1, 2008


one of the reasons i wanted to learn to knit was so i could make my own socks. i was never able to find the kind of socks i wanted in the stores. i wanted the nice warm thick socks for wearing around the house in cold weather. one of the first pair of socks i knitted was, well, not a disaster exactly, but not something you would hold up with pride and say "i made these!"

i did them top down, no pattern, just using math. my friend (the fiber pusher) gave me the basics and i just went to town. i used lion brand MicroSpun yarn which was not the best choice. i double stranded it and used about 4 different colors, switching out those colors to get different effects. a great idea but the yarn keeps popping out where i tried to weave it in. they are also two different sizes and keep falling off my feet since they are also too big.

it wasn't until recently that i got started on the socks again and, now that i'm using actual patterns, they fit a WHOLE lot better. want to see them? they are not in order of completion.

these are from the tidal wave pattern. i made the mistake of taking the pattern all the way down the foot and it makes the foot skewed a little. they're still comfy though.

the yarn is from what has to be my favorite source for sock yarn: thank ewe on etsy. i just love their yarn. there is so much of it that i can probably get another pair of socks out of what's left.

these are superwash. i think most of my socks will be superwash just for the ease of care.

here's a few more just for grins.

go see the rest here

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Corbie said...

You do such a nice job on socks!

So it's my fault your first socks came out wrong, eh? :)