Wednesday, September 10, 2008

way back when

i mentioned the pull that crochet was starting to have on me here. i actually started a ripple blanket which was inspired by this one. i actually tried to do it in crochet but just fought with that first row. it wasn't fun and, quite frankly, if it's not fun why do it? i really wanted one of those ripple blankets though so i am doing one in a modified feather and fan. instead of doing YOs for the increase i'm just doing a KFB at the increase stitches.

wanna see?

i really like how these pictures are coming out. i think i did the right thing by getting my daughter to do all my knitting glamour shots, don't you?

i have close-ups. wanna see?

instead of going all crazy bright with the colors, i decided to stick with a limited palette using, *ahem* palette yarn from knit picks. it's fingering weight wool and i just love the way it drapes. it won't be machine washable but i'll deal with that aspect of the blanket when the time comes. this is another long-term project. a good thing to get out when i don't feel like being inventive but want to work on something satisfying.

oh yeah. lovin' the ripple.

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