Tuesday, October 21, 2008

friends don't let friends...

well, in the case of my so-called friends...

i knew these people were depraved but i continued to hang out with them. we all got together this past weekend for a planned day of "fun". my friend, let's call him dave decided to channel "the dude" and made a pitcher of white russians. i generally tend to avoid drinking with them because, well, i know how they are. this time i gave in and had some white russians.

those things are really good, you know? they go down verrrrrry easily.

i vaguely remember the rest of the evening but i do remember getting home and my DH pouring me into bed. well, in all honesty, it wasn't that bad but i was definitely happy. I awoke the next day with a feeling of dread and a vague sense of guilt. then i remembered.

my depraved friends took advantage of my inebriated state to get me to do something i swore i'd never do.

i'm so ashamed.

i now have a facebook account.

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Corbie said...

LOL! I've been debating whether I want one of those or not. They do seem to have some community-building potential, but then do I really have the time?