Monday, November 19, 2007

you teach them to think for themselves and this is the thanks you get

conversation with my daughter.

me: i know you're of a generation that thinks you're all savvy about the internet, but you need to be really careful about putting personal information out there.

daughter: (sigh) i know. no phone numbers, address, full name, anything about me, pictures

me: 'cause once it's out there...

daughter:'s always out there. i know this. i've had it drilled into me at school, from you. so, i have a question...

me: yes?

daughter: how is that any different from you giving out your information to perfect strangers in these swaps you do?


daughter: i mean, you send our address to people you don't know. you're just assuming they are who they say they are

me: (sputter) but ... but that's different! it's all very controlled!

daughter: like you've always told me; people can be anyone they want to be online. just because they say they are who they are doesn't mean they are who they say they are.

me: (sputter some more) but ... but ...


me: well. if you're going to use logic!

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Sushi Mama said...

I just HAD to giggle at this one. My son is now at the "Why?" phase and I can see this coming. "Because Mommy said so" isn't going to cut it forever.