Friday, November 16, 2007

this 'N' that 'N' the other

i've been tagged as part of a recipe exchange by the lovely KRCH. this is an email-tag thingy wherein you exchange recipes. there are two names on the list and you send yours to the first name, remove it and add your name to the bottom and send it out to others! i think it'll be fun and if you would like me to add your name to my list let me know.

my fiber pusher friend, corbie girl, is getting me started on the harder stuff. well, at least she's trying to by making it affordable for me to buy a spinning wheel. see, she got a steal of a deal on a wheel (ha!) and is offering to sell me her old one at a more than reasonable price. the only question is, will i have room for it in my rather small fiber room which is also my sewing room as well as my quilting room.

=the other=
my mother fell and hit her head and is now in the hospital. supposedly she's fine. i hope to be able to speak to her. i'm in maryland and she's in texas so I CAN'T BE THERE.

i'm scared.

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