Thursday, November 15, 2007

see, this is what happens

once i got my invite to ravelry i just started ignoring my blog. poor negleted blog.

it's like being in high school all over again. you know, when you had the friend and you were both basically nobodies in the social structure but then the friend ended up getting into the cool kids clique and then started blowing you off and then just totally ended up ditching you 'cause, you know, they were with the cool kids and you weren't? yeah.

neener neener neener.

i'm posting about all my knitting project stuff on ravelry and if you don't have a login yet, well, too bad.

i'm with the cool kids now.


it wasn't supposed to be like this but i only have so much time, y'know? time that i spend doing the important stuff ... like knitting. i swear, everything comes down to the fiber addiction now. i think about spending money on something unnecessary then think "how much yarn would that buy". i find spare time by not doing housework 'cause i need the knitting time!

so, i pledge to try and get some content back on the blog (you know, for the gobs of readers i have) because i just know you're out there, waiting with bated breath to see what the goosefairy is up to! well, maybe not so much with the bated breath. snort.

i do have some FOs, still have the WIPs and now, thanks to ravelry and the evil anne, new projects; some if which have actually become WIPs and some are just wannabe WIPs.

i need to take a moment here.

i just went to the evil anne's site to get her http addy and

*breathe breathe breathe*

she has a new one pinned up. trust me, don't go there unless you want a new addiction of your own.

(shakes it off)

ok. where was i? oh yeah. projects. i will be doing some picture posts soon of the afore said before too much longer. oh! and there's the etsy shop i finally got up! check it out!


ccr in MA said...

"i find spare time by not doing housework 'cause i need the knitting time!"

I totally do that! I thought I was the only one...

Corbie said...

Oh, I am SO going to have to knit that Raven shawl, when she posts the pattern! (drool)

Like I need any other knitting projects... :/

anne said...

hahahaha! this is "evil anne" . . . and you should totally knit my shawl!