Wednesday, August 8, 2007

wait... wha???

Irony? I wish.


Dateline August 08, 2007. Washington Post, front page.
Columns 1 & 2: Bonds Sets Baseball's Home Run Record
Column 3: U.S. Anti-Drug Aid Would Target Mexican Cartels

Somehow, having Barry Bonds, Mr. Steroid himself, sharing page space with the words "Anti-Drug" should be ironic.

Frankly, I just don't get all the hoopla surrounding this "non-event". Aside from issues of whether or not this record-breaking is even legitimate because of Mr. Bond's steroid use (I don't think so) this is not front page news. It belongs in the sports section.

We have an administration in D.C. that is trampling all over our Constitution and a Congress that, by and large, is letting them do it unopposed. Oh there is a certain amount of hand-wringing going on but really... This stuff gets ignored when the people ought to be screaming from the rooftops and Barry Bonds gets the bulk (heh) of the front page?

Like I said, it should be ironic but alas...


Dateline August 08, 2007. Washington Post, Metro section.
Litigious Judge's Future Unclear. Plaintiff in D.C. Pants Lawsuit May Not Be Reappointed.

Ok. I'm sure you've heard of this guy. He's made, not only national news, but world news. The guy is a joke. Just in case you've not heard of it, this is a D.C. judge who sued his dry cleaners for $54 million over a pair of pants.


Five four comma oh! oh! oh! comma oh! oh! oh!

That's some pants there. I guess he figured this case had legs! He thought he was making great strides there! Seams to me he was ... ok. I'll stop. I was starting to really reach anyway.

The irony of the whole thing though is this. The judge in the case ruled that Mr. Pants had no money coming to him. The drycleaners (which is a small mom and pop thing) asked the court to order Judge Pants to pay their attorneys' fees, arguing that the Pantsy One (Pantless One?) acted in bad faith in suing the family.

The judge has not ruled on this request yet. "Ordering a losing plaintiff to pay attorney's fees is unusual and would require the judge to find that the case"

wait for it

"was frivolous."

Wait... wha??

Frivolous (according to Webste):
Pronunciation: 'fri-v&-l&s
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin frivolus
1 a : of little weight or importance b : having no sound basis (as in fact or law) <a frivolous lawsuit> (see? see? this is straight from webster!)
2 a : lacking in seriousness b : marked by unbecoming levity
- friv·o·lous·ly adverb
- friv·o·lous·ness noun

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loralie said...

I am so with you on both accounts. I've ranted myself on the Bonds thing and can't wait for it to die.

Now the pants lawsuit, that made me laugh. How greedy are people. The best part, he turned down their offer to settle for something crazy (crazy because it's too high IMHO) like $13,000.

Yay for greed - ego greed and monetary greed.