Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mother's day - new beginnings

i'm going to have a dog again!

we went to our local shelter (warl) on mother's day and started the search. i didn't know what would happen; would we find a dog right away? how long would the process take?

well, yes, we did find a dog right away. she was in the 3rd section we looked at. such a pretty friendly little girl. she was rooming with another friendly dog, a boy named homer, and we just couldn't quit petting her and looking at her. i meant to make the rounds and check out all the dogs but just couldn't leave her. my husband said "i really like her". so we took her to a little room so we could interact with her without a lot of distractions. so sweet. and SMART. oh yes, i could tell right away that she's a smart girl.

we still have two cats so any dog we bring in will have to be able to co-exist with them. that is a deal breaker. they "cat-tested" her while we were there so we could see how she reacted to a cat.

i always wondered how dogs are "cat-tested". conjures up some interesting imagery to be sure. well, what they do is put a cat in a large cage (or crate) in one of their offices then bring in the dog on a leash. the first thing is to see what the dog does when s/he sees the cat then go from there. our new puppers didn't even notice the cat at first then, when she went over to check the cat out, the cat hissed at her! she ducked her head and kind of backed away. i figure we can work with that.

we pick her up tonight. tonight!

i dreamed about her last night. i dreamed she was sleeping on the bed with us. it was a lovely dream.


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ccr in MA said...

Congratulations! Have fun with the new fur-baby. Does she come named, or will you be naming her?