Sunday, April 4, 2010

man candy

i'll be frank. this post was prompted by me getting Sherlock Holmes in the mail the other day. i mean, really. robert downey jr and jude law? yummy.

made me think of the man candy movies i have. i present for your viewing pleasure the following:

Silverado - lots of lovely men in their prime, plus let me just say this: "scott glenn in leather pants". it's also a great movie with some wonderful lines
i don't wanna kill you and you don't wanna be dead
i think there's only a couple of guys and this a**hole's one of 'em
you idiot! he's hit everything he's shot at!

the aforementioned Sherlock Holmes - again, robert downey jr and jude law. need i say more?

Ocean's 11 - oh my lord. george clooney, matt damon, brad pitt, andy garcia. seriously.

300 - 1) gerard butler, 2) gerard butler in very little and 3) all those other BNN* men. sigh.

so, what are your favorite man candy movies?
seriously, i wanna know!

*BNN - buff and nearly nekkid

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