Thursday, November 12, 2009

it was the best of times it was the worst of times

she came to us around thanksgiving 13 years ago. she was our thanksgiving dog and we truly gave thanks for her. many thanksgivings have come and gone since then. she will be leaving us this weekend.

she has given us so much and has asked so little in return; just to be loved. we have loved her. oh have we loved her. she is the best dog in the world. she is the perfect dog for us. she is loving and sweet. she is beautiful.

she was so cowed when she came to live with us. she had been mistreated. she didn't bark, she was extremely skittish. after a time she became less skittish and learned how to bark all over again. she has made sure everyone who passes in front of our house knows it is being looked after by the best dog in the world. we always thank her for "letting them know".

one of the best things, the most heartwarming, is seeing her asleep on the floor, on her back with her tummy exposed. this shows great comfort with her surroundings; great trust that her people mean her no harm.
her little cat has been staying close, oh so close these past few weeks. we all love her so much.

we figure her age to be around 16. she has lived a good long life; most of it spent with a family who treasures her.

we remember her running in great loops in the back yard head up and tail wagging. so full of life and fun. so graceful and proud. she loves us all and shows it in every fiber of her being. we all love her and praise her for being such a good dog.she loves going for her nightly walk with her daddy. i think her daddy likes it, too.

the house is going to be so empty.

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ccr in MA said...

I'm so very sorry. Thinking of you.