Wednesday, November 4, 2009

apropos of nothing

=i hate telephones=

  • i hate talking on them. there are only two people i can talk to on the phone and totally lose track of time. one is my mother, the other is my daughter.
  • to counter my hate of phones i purchased some old rotary phones from ebay and *ahem* rotate them in my living room.
  • my husband likes to make a joke of having a phoneless cord. i think it's brilliant.
  • when i have to punch in a bunch of numbers on the phone i invariably punch in the wrong one somewhere near the end and have to start all over again. i have actual nightmares about that. one nightmare which is still very very vivid even though i haven't had it in quite a while:

i'm on a vast plain that stretches forever in every direction. the only thing visible is an open structure with columns stretching upwards of 50 feet. placed on those columns just high enough that you have to jump up to reach them are phones. in order to dial a number you have to jump up and dial each number. there are a LOT of numbers which need to be dialed. i always mess up before reaching the end and have to start over again and it is critical i make this call.

=i have way too much stuff i want to do and not enough time to do it=

  • i have socks which need to be knit for me, my daughter, my husband and my parents. these i can do on my commute to and from work. i just need to get faster.
  • i have a sweater i want to have done before thanksgiving
  • i have artwork i want to have prints made of so i can try to sell the prints
  • i have little book boxes i want to decorate and try to sell
  • i have ideas for collages i want to do
  • i have finished knitted and crocheted projects which i want to get pictures of and update my ravelry project list
  • i have a scarf/shawl which i have wanted to make for several years now and finally realized i simply could not subsitute the yarn called for. i have now purchased the yarn and want to get started on it. before i can feel comfortable doing that i really need to make inroads on the first two in this list
time management. i really need it.

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