Wednesday, April 9, 2008


i have a very smart daughter; very aware in some ways as i mentioned here. keep this in mind. there are times, however, when i cannot believe what she has just said.

case in point numero uno:

we were discussing sylvia plath and the fact that she committed suicide by sticking her head in the oven. my darling intelligent daughter observed that someone would really have to want to die to go that way. after discussing it some more i realized that she thought people who stuck their head in the oven cooked themselves! *snerk* i laughed so hard and long on that one i thought i was going to have an attack. i mean, she didn't even have the excuse of never having a gas oven in the house! heh. at least she's not alone.

case in point numero two-o:

last nite when she came home from work, she asked us if we noticed anything different in the front yard. nope. we took a look. there was what looked like a little sapling in the front yard! she said she had planted it.

us: you planted it?
her: yes.
us: where did you get a tree to plant?
her: i found it on fenton street! there were some planted that looked just like this one and it was just laying there so i picked it up and planted it.
us: how did you plant it? did you dig a hole for it?
her: i just stuck it in the ground.
us: wow. did it have a root ball?
her: a what?
us: a root ball; some roots or something.
her: um. no.
us: honey. that's not a tree, that's a stick. it's not going to grow unless it has some roots.
her: oh *stricken face*

oh, *snerk* indeed :)

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arcsquared said...

Awww, that's my girl.

(*thought that putting your head in the oven meant cooking yourself too, until high school...*)