Wednesday, March 5, 2008

she thought she was being kind

i recently got my hair cut. i had thought that i might let it grow really long as i had long long hair at one time in my past and it looked pretty good. i didn't take into account the fact that 1) i'm older now 2) i really don't like messing with my hair 3) and it looked just like a mess hanging down around my face.

so, i did what any reasonable person would do and went to see my hair stylist. this woman is a genius. she is the mother of a friend of my daughter; this is how i got to know her. she works out of her home and she is one of those rare stylists that i could give her basic instruction on what i was wanting and close my eyes , go to sleep and it would be just perfect when i woke up. of course, i don't go to sleep. we have things to catch up on after all.

anyhoo, she does her usual brilliant job. i just told her to cut it as short as possible without making me look goofy. i have the perfect haircut. it suits my head and face and is beyond easy to take care of.

now, here's something you need to know about me. i have wanted green hair for ages. i'm 52 years old and i finally figured "why not?" i asked my daughter if she would give me some green highlights (what? i'm not crazy; no way could i carry off all green!) and she was just thrilled. she gave me a green swatch that could go subtle or more obvious depending on how much i covered it with other layers.

i love it. i think it looks great.

now to the title of this post.

there is a security guard at my place of work when you come in the front door. she and i have had conversations about various things for some time. the day after i got it cut i came in and (it was a rainy day) showed her. she said "oh! well, don't worry, on a day like this it will do that. once it starts growing out it will look really good"

i hadn't yet had the green put in.

she saw me for the first time with the green. she said, before noticing the green, "see! its starting to grow out! it's looking better!"

then she noticed the green.

her: (eyes grow bigger) oh...
me: (smiling) yeah, my daughter did it
her: well, i figured it had to be a teenager. you can't really stop 'em can you?
me: well, i asked her to



loralie said...

That is too funny.

For the record, you hair looks great!

Bitterbetty said...

well, there no accounting for taste.
(hers) Just be glad she works door reception and she's not your hair dresser. I am considering a couple blue streaks, myself.