Wednesday, December 5, 2007

so, today i was going to post about swaps

but instead i'm going to post about something else entirely.

this is something i have been concerned about for some time. this post was my first public attempt at getting across my concern.

that was 3 years ago and things have only gotten worse. i wonder why people aren't screaming from the rooftops about this. there is a great quote at the beginning of the book "the R document" which says basically that if there is ever fascism in this country it will be voted in.

well, ladies and gentlemen, the first time it wasn't exactly voted in by the american people but it was voted in by the supreme court in 2000 and then, through more chicanery, by the american people in 2004. why? there was a saying going around to the effect that if you weren't furious you weren't paying attention. well, no one was paying attention.

a friend sent me a link to a somewhat new article in the guardian. here it is. what is really distressing is the fact that this was written in april of this year. why was this not spread across the front page of every newspaper (above the fold)? oh, that's right. step 8: control the press.

thank god for stephen colbert who was able to tell it like it is at the washington correspondent's press dinner. part one, part two, part three

i'm kind of livid right now. the american people have got to wake up, start paying attention, start caring. we've turned into a victim society that wants all the goodies right now without having to either work or pay for it all. i'm sick of it. our country is going down the toilet and people are so concerned about being all PC about things that the real problems are. not. getting. addressed.

well, they need to be.

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