Thursday, October 20, 2011

dinner and a movie

I am very lucky in that my father introduced me to science-fiction at a very young age. I love pretty much anything science-fiction related. I really have soft spot for the old 30's to 60's sci-fi. I have found something that punches pretty much all my buttons when it comes to this stuff. It is an online webseries called "The Mercury Men". You can catch it on hulu and SyFy.

It is a retro-sci-fi cliffhanger webseries that is so well done. They hit the mark on everything; characters (everyman caught up in circumstances beyond his control and the quintessential hero to save the day), lighting, music, bad-science threat (the moon!), and, the most important thing of all, BRAIN IN A JAR!

The basic premise is this: a government worker who does all he can to not work (you know the type) becomes embroiled in a nefarious plot of the Mercury Men (from the planet Mercury! men made of light!) to <spoiler> the moon! He is rescued by the daring, gorgeous Captain Jack Yaeger, engineer with the mysterious "League". Together they overcome obstacles and, I don't think it's a spoiler to say they save the day. Oh, but HOW they save the day is the story.

Captain Jack Yaeger - engineer ... with a gun.

What would make the perfect watching experience would be to eat off the right dishes while watching the show. These are a must. Take your choice of dinner plates.

pick a mug:

and you're good to go! Unfortunately, I couldn't find a proper bowl for eating your "Mercury Men" cereal out of but I guess you can't have everything.

Seriously, check these guys out. There is a ton of extra stuff on the website. Videos of behind-the-scenes stuff, commercials, an adorable one with a 3 year old fan getting a visit from Captain Jack Yaeger himself! There's also free downloadable digital props you can print out yourself.

There are currently 10 webisodes with the first nine telling the first season's story and the tenth setting you up for a new (please god!) season.

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